Case Studies and Documentaries

Moinee Foundation

Moinee Foundation has a presence in 12 states through its various initiatives. Since June 2020, The foundation has worked closely to bring quality education to government schools. It is working with the government towards innovative solutions for the current pandemic and technological scaling for improving Education infrastructure in rural, tribal and under privilege urban areas.

Project Utkarsh - SIAB

Project Utkarsh (School in a box) is a government school transformation program to bring qualitative and accountable changes to mass school education through techno-social innovations. This variant of program is currently running in 15 states of india in 7 vernacular languages.

Ek Pahal

During Covid times schools were closed leaving no places for kids from govt. schools to get a space to learn. That's when Community Learning Centers (CLC) were setup providing a place for thousands of kids to engage in building skills like Tinkering, Robotics, Learning Computer, Story Making etc.

H.G. Ki Pathshala

Inspired by Swachh Bharat Swacch Vidyalaya, this program is currently being implemented in govt. schools of Rajasthan to provide a healthy & hygienic learning environment through enhancement of overall learning environment including building toilets and drinking water facilities, and spreading awareness among Students.

Tribal Hostel Transformation Program

Tribal Hostel Transformation Project is a unique holistic intervention, under H.G. Ki Pathshala, designed to impact the ecosystem at Tribal hostels in a multi-dimensional way to develop these residential hostels into Model hostels by building better infrastructure and creating an innovative learning ecosystem.